HM Coaching and Development

Dr Hannah Mather

Hannah Mather PhD, FRSA

Professional Coaching and Development for Growth, Realignment, and Transformation

Dr Hannah Mather is a certified business and personal coach based in the Scottish Highlands. She works with clients on topics relating to strategy, focus, and direction. Coaching around three core principles of growth, realignment, and transformation, Hannah partners with clients locally and further afield, helping them to move forward in their working lives in ways that are really right for them.

Hannah is also a theologian and author with interests in topics relating to interpretation and perspective. Her career began with a decade in central London working in marketing communications and business and people development. Hannah started HM Coaching and Development in 2020 as the pandemic shifted her vision and she realised this as a route to bring together the breadth of her skills and expertise. Welcome to her site.


The first and arguably most important stage. Growing is a part of life but we want to make sure we grow in the right ways. No growth equals stagnation.


Helping you make little shifts and big shifts that reset and realign you on your professional path. Little shifts are important; there are no big shifts without them.


A truly transformational work involves a relationship of shifting thoughts, emotions, and actions. Transformation always leads to manifested change. Transformation takes a shape. It is always long-term and rarely hurried.

Vision and Values

HM Coaching and Development offers business leaders, executives, and private clients a professional space to reflect on the things that are important to them in order that they might move on from these coaching conversations with fresh insight and strategy.



Who are you, what do you love, and which is the right direction for you to be moving in? How can you grow, realign, and transform in your life and business in ways that are really right for you?

As an accredited coach with a doctorate in theology and a background in business and people development, I work with a wide range of clients helping them address these sorts of questions.

Life is not static. Answers to these questions evolve as we move through life. We change and so do societies and economies. There are times when we can all benefit from thinking about these things afresh.



Work with Hannah

Please feel free to contact me if you think you might like to work with me.

If your interest is private coaching, I offer complimentary one-to-one coaching conversations where we can get to know each other and talk about this more. This half-hour, no obligations conversation will help you to establish if I am the right person to work with.