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Dr Hannah Mather FRSA

Dr Hannah Mather FRSA

Professional Coaching and Development for Growth, Realignment, and Transformation

Dr Hannah Mather is a professional coach partnering with organisations working to make positive changes in society in various ways. She also works privately with people on topics relating to career and identity. A particular strength of hers lies in helping others to think strategically about the right approaches for them given the climates they are within.

Hannah started HM Coaching and Development in 2020 and holds relevant coaching credentials, qualifications and affiliate memberships. She is also theologically trained and a published award-winning author, with a business and people development background. Based in London for 17 years, she is now located in the Scottish Highlands and works locally and across the UK (sometimes further). Hannah coaches systemically, strategically, and around three underpinning principles of growth, realignment, and transformation. Welcome!



The first and arguably most important stage. Growing is a part of life but we want to make sure we grow in the right ways. No growth equals stagnation.


Working to make little shifts and big shifts that reset, reorient, and realign. Little shifts are important; there are no big shifts without them.


A truly transformational work is multifaceted. Transformation always leads to manifested change. Transformation takes a shape. It is always long-term and rarely hurried.

Purpose and Values

Space to think and reflect is a gift.

HM Coaching and Development offers a strategic, questioning space for individuals, teams, and organisations to reflect on the things that are important to them. They do this with me, a credentialed and certified coach with four underpinning core values of integrity, faith, insight and strategy.



Often space is what we need to begin to see things differently.

Coaching is both an art and a science; a conversational space designed to generate fresh insight and creative, strategic decision-making in the mind and life of the client. As an ICF ACC credentialed coach with academic and business backgrounds, I work with people as they make long-term, sustainable, and transformative change to their working lives and environments.



Work with Hannah

Please feel free to contact me if you think you might like to work with me.

If your interest is private coaching, I offer complimentary one-to-one coaching conversations where we can get to know each other and talk about this more. This half-hour, no obligations conversation will help you to establish if I am the right person to work with.