Hannah Mather

Grow, Realign, Transform

Dr Hannah Mather FRSA

Professional Coach and Academic Researcher

Hannah is a coach and academic with a business background. As a qualified professional coach, she coaches around three core principles—growth, realignment, and transformation—working to help others move forward in their lives and businesses in ways that are really right for them. Hannah is a strategic, holistic, and out-of-the-box thinker who cares deeply about helping people and organisations flourish.

Hannah continues to grow, realign, and transform in her own professional life. She is a researcher of faith and spirituality in public and private spaces, and an Honorary Fellow of The Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion, University of Birmingham. Hannah's background lies in marketing communications and business and people development. She spent a decade living and working in central London before taking the brave step of returning to higher education and retraining. Hannah loves a one-to-one conversation.


The first and arguably most important stage. Growing is a part of life but we want to make sure we grow in the right ways. No growth equals stagnation.


Helping you make little shifts and big shifts that reset and realign you on your professional path. Little shifts are important; there are no big shifts without them.


A truly transformational work involves a relationship of shifting thoughts, emotions, and actions. Transformation always leads to manifested change. Transformation takes a shape. It is always long-term and rarely hurried.

About Hannah

Who are you, what do you love, and which is the best way for you to be making a living? How can you grow, realign, and transform in your life and business in ways that are really right for you? 

Life is not static. Answers to these questions evolve as we move through life. Our professional expressions shift as priorities, societies, and economies change. We all have times when we can benefit from thinking strategically about these things afresh. I offer an experienced, qualified ear, and space for you to do this.

Who we are as professional people matters. Who you are as a professional person matters.


About coaching

As an International Coaching Federation ACTP career, business, and leadership coach, I work with people to help them move forward professionally in ways that are really right for them.

Coaching is future-facing, and goal-oriented and driven. Good coaches are trained, skilled, and attuned to their clients’ needs. We make real and measurable differences in people’s lives. Coaching is a fast-growing industry. Business executives have long-recognised the value of investing in professional coaches. In recent years, this investment has widened as more sectors of society have been recognising a coach's value.

Contact me to arrange a complimentary 30 minute conversation where we can get to know each other and talk about this more.



Work with Hannah

Work with me for one-off coaching sessions or blocks of sessions designed to help you grow, realign, and transform professionally. I work with a selection of coaching models and will tailor the right approach for your needs.

Contact me to arrange a complimentary one-to-one conversation where we can get to know each other and talk about this more. This pre-session conversation will help you to establish whether I am the right person to work with.