Commitment to a harmonious relationship between thoughts, feelings, and actions is central to my coaching ethos and is drawn from my research work. As I work with people, I implicitly think about these three areas and how they are showing up in and with them.

As people, our thoughts, feelings, and actions are interlinked. It might be helpful to think of three small and important cogs that make a larger wheel work. In this analogy, you and I are the wheel; our thoughts, feelings, and actions are our cogs.

Each of us are made differently with individual skills and abilities. Some of us are brilliant thinkers. Others—myself included—feel things passionately and deeply. Then there are those (like my lovely dad) who just love “to do”. In spite of and amidst all of this, there is an important principle:

Thoughts, feelings, and actions work best in harmony with each other.

If we are honed at using our mind but neglect our passions and desires, an imbalance can result that may hinder our approach to life.

A similar imbalance can happen by prioritising our feelings at the expense of thinking objectively about the practicalities of the situations before us.

Actions are important but they need to be the right ones for us and taken at the right times. Actions put thoughts and feelings into step-by-step movement. As we do this, our thoughts and emotions start to take practical shape in our lives.

Thoughts, feelings, and actions: three separate-yet intwined movements that together form one larger harmony of movement.

How is your harmony and what is your movement?

Photo by Leonard Rb.