When you stop and think about your professional life, are there things that you feel confined and restricted by? Do you know what they are? Sometimes we can have some sort of sense that something is there but we can’t articulate much more beyond this. That’s okay. Don’t push it. If you want to though, and if it feels okay to do so, try and name whatever those things are restricting you. Begin to question how you can best move forward through and beyond those restrictive places.

Eighteen months ago I am not sure that I would have been able to say what it was that I felt restricted by in my career. I just knew that I felt frustrated, restricted, and not really myself. It was only once I started connecting with a path that brought with it feelings of increased freedom and openness that I realised what a confined place I had actually been in.

For some people my narrow space might be their wide open space. That’s okay too. We are all so wonderfully different.

As I’ve moved forward in these 18 months, I have questioned and doubted and stretched myself way past comfortable. I have tried to connect with my feelings and follow in these directions whilst seeking practical wisdom too. I am moving back into a wide open space and this makes me smile. I am stronger and happier. More anchored, and content with myself. I care less about what others think.

I am still moving.

The journey is not done yet.

Note: This post is part of an exercise I’ve started doing, inspired by someone on Twitter. The idea is to write 250 words a day in 30 minutes for a month with brevity and simplicity, trying not to care too much about the detail and what people might think. I will post some here, not all of them. We’ll see how I go!