There is no professional or organisational health without mental health

September 8, 2022By hannahrkmatherUncategorized

Mental health is a vital part of professional health and well-being. When our working environments and practices support good mental health, we are better able to connect, function, cope, and thrive. When they don’t support good mental health, this can have a reverse impact. For a comprehensive and valuable resource designed to inspire and inform better mental health … Read More

Let’s not go back to how things were

June 9, 2022By hannahrkmatherUncategorized

I have had an opinion piece published in Chatterbox, the Black Isle’s local magazine (named Community Newspaper of the Year in the Highlands and Islands Media Awards 2019 and 2016 no less!). I’m reflecting on the increase of community-minded thinking and action that the pandemic has brought about in our local area, and with it … Read More

Career coaching case study: Sarah* (lecturer)

March 15, 2022By hannahrkmatherUncategorized

I worked with Sarah, a lecturer in higher education, for just over a year. Our coaching sessions focussed on her career. We worked together strategically, and in her words, “plan[ning] for a future with financial security and holistic wellbeing in mind.” Sarah’s endorsement is below followed by an explanation of how our sessions worked. When … Read More

Beatrix Potter. One inspirational woman

March 9, 2022By hannahrkmatherUncategorized

“Pick a woman that has inspired you.” We were asked to do this yesterday at a Highland Business Women event nicely coincided with International Women’s Day (it was very nice!). I went for Beatrix Potter: For being a woman in a man’s world; for writing simple and beautiful stories; for loving and losing (she lost … Read More

A bookshelf or a self-portrait?

February 14, 2022By hannahrkmatherUncategorized

We change (grow, realign, evolve) and so do our books. I’d be telling untruths if I said I’d read all of these books from front to back but I bought every one of them for a reason. They’re like little parts of my story bought at different points in time when I was interested or … Read More

Hope. A small but mighty word

December 17, 2021By hannahrkmatherUncategorized

Hope changes the structures by which and around which we live.┬áHope is a small but mighty word. What is hope? Where does it come from? Who brings it? And how might it take practical shape in our lives? A little thought I’ve been thinking over recently is this: Figures who bring hope to others are … Read More

The land past the lamppost

November 26, 2021By hannahrkmatherUncategorized

Darkness to light. Constriction to freedom. Moving from narrow places to wide open spaces. I run down this path sometimes and especially when I want to remind myself of some of these themes. The path itself is lovely but dark because it’s all covered by trees. It’s not that scary, just a bit dark and … Read More

Leadership as a state of being

November 25, 2021By hannahrkmatherUncategorized

“Values cross the boundaries of professional disciples, cultures, and religious traditions. They have this incredible capacity to unite otherwise diverse people around similar connecting points.” It’s been International Leadership Week this week and here I am reflecting on leadership as a state of being that resides in a person or amongst a group of people … Read More