Professional identity wrestle

April 26, 2021By hannahrkmatherNews

I have had two lovely encouragements recently. I received a book award last month and I gained a coaching diploma last week.

These encouragements represent two very different parts of my professional life. This last year has been a massive struggle trying to chart my way through them. We might call this my professional identity wrestle.

Battersea Bridge moment: part two

November 5, 2020By hannahrkmatherNews

In part one of this article, I shared a question my friend Tara asked me recently. She wanted to know if I could personally pinpoint a day or moment that signalled transformational change in my life. If you would like to know my answer to her question, read part one. I call it my ‘Battersea bridge moment.’

Battersea Bridge moment: part one

November 2, 2020By hannahrkmatherNews

“Do you have a day when everything changed for you?”

My friend Tara asked me this question over a Zoom coffee catch-up recently. There was a day earlier this year when so much changed for Tara. She did not realize it then.