Hope. A small but mighty word

December 17, 2021By hannahrkmatherUncategorized

Hope changes the structures by which and around which we live. Hope is a small but mighty word. What is hope? Where does it come from? Who brings it? And how might it take practical shape in our lives? A little thought I’ve been thinking over recently is this: Figures who bring hope to others are … Read More

The land past the lamppost

November 26, 2021By hannahrkmatherUncategorized

Darkness to light. Constriction to freedom. Moving from narrow places to wide open spaces. I run down this path sometimes and especially when I want to remind myself of some of these themes. The path itself is lovely but dark because it’s all covered by trees. It’s not that scary, just a bit dark and … Read More

Leadership as a state of being

November 25, 2021By hannahrkmatherUncategorized

“Values cross the boundaries of professional disciples, cultures, and religious traditions. They have this incredible capacity to unite otherwise diverse people around similar connecting points.” It’s been International Leadership Week this week and here I am reflecting on leadership as a state of being that resides in a person or amongst a group of people … Read More

Digging deep and building strong

October 22, 2021By hannahrkmatherUncategorized

I’m delighted to have been awarded an Associate Certified Coach credential by the International Coaching Federation. This ACC credential (the first of three credentialing standards set by the ICF) represents 18 months of hard, stretching, but equally rewarding and fulfilling work training as a professional coach and then establishing my business, HM Coaching and Development. … Read More

Through and beyond restriction

September 2, 2021By hannahrkmatherUncategorized

When you stop and think about your professional life, are there things that you feel confined and restricted by? Do you know what they are? Sometimes we can have some sort of sense that something is there but we can’t articulate much more beyond this. That’s okay. Don’t push it. If you want to though, … Read More

Vision and forgiveness

August 29, 2021By hannahrkmatherUncategorized

Forgiveness can be the hardest thing, especially when people have done hurtful or horrible things to us or those we love. More often than not, forgiveness is not a one-off action but a process we have to work at. Unforgiveness distorts how we see, especially in those areas where we have been hurt If we … Read More

Mugs and unconscious bias

July 14, 2021By hannahrkmatherUncategorized

Social media knows me well. It suggested I buy this mug, and I… well, I thought this was a great idea! This helpful advertising suggestion followed some interesting conversations I have been having recently (both on-and-off-line) about unconscious bias. The context of these conversations was women in academia but as with most good conversations, this topic has stayed … Read More

Sarah Everard: an uncomfortable question?

March 20, 2021By hannahrkmatherUncategorized

omething has been troubling me over the last week of media coverage about Sarah Everard’s death. I wanted to write something here just to raise a question and offer a perspective really. This is not intended as a criticism of any person or any organisation, but the question that has been troubling me is this: if Sarah Everard had been a woman of colour, would there have been the same level of public outcry and media coverage as there has been?

Identity and pandemic bookshelves

March 5, 2021By hannahrkmatherUncategorized

om meeting backdrops have become fashionable! The pandemic got us all into Zoom and then suddenly our backgrounds became interesting. At least I think they did. I do not mean virtual background here (although they are also intriguing), I mean what is present and on view in someone’s room behind them.