Mugs and Unconscious Bias

July 14, 2021By hannahrkmatherUncategorized

Social media knows me well. It suggested I buy this mug, and I… well, I thought this was a great idea! This helpful advertising suggestion followed some interesting conversations I have been having recently (both on-and-off-line) about unconscious bias. The context of these conversations was women in academia but as with most good conversations, this topic has stayed … Read More

Sarah Everard: An Uncomfortable Question?

March 20, 2021By hannahrkmatherUncategorized

omething has been troubling me over the last week of media coverage about Sarah Everard’s death. I wanted to write something here just to raise a question and offer a perspective really. This is not intended as a criticism of any person or any organisation, but the question that has been troubling me is this: if Sarah Everard had been a woman of colour, would there have been the same level of public outcry and media coverage as there has been?