Vision and Values


Space to think and reflect is a gift.

HM Coaching and Development offers business leaders, executives, and private clients a professional space to reflect on the things that are important to them in order that they might move forward from these coaching conversations with fresh insight and strategy for the route ahead.

This work is approached with over 20 years' cross-sector experience, qualifications, and care for each individual and organisation I work with. As a person, I am considered and determined, and think strategically, instinctively, and practically. I have and will move in challenging or countercultural directions if I believe these are the life-giving ways and I help my clients to do the same.

For more on my expertise, qualifications, and background, see about Hannah.


My core values of insight, strategy, and integrity underpin the way I work with my clients. They are my strengths and also the things I care about and work at the most:


Having clear and deep understanding of complex situations and scenarios. Insight can come suddenly but it also often unfolds over time. Insight always needs to be searched for.


Exploring, unpacking, and moving in the direction of the insight. Strategy is insight's active partner. Without strategy, insight remains dormant.


Doing the right thing even when no one is watching (CS Lewis). I take professional integrity seriously. Listing it here holds me to this.


Identifying our values

If identity and purpose were a map, values would stand as signposts at the junctions of who we are and what we do.

Core values are unique to the individual or the organisation but they are also always relational, informing where we go and how we interact with others.

Identifying what we value most (in personal or professional terms or a bit of both) can be a worthwhile process because it enables us to navigate towards ways of living, working, and operating that really matter to us. Communicating them helps others to have an idea of who we are and what we might be like to work with. This process is something I help people with. It can appear simple at first glance, but working out our values is often harder than it looks.

My core values of insight, strategy, and integrity enable me to navigate towards ways of working that really matter to me. They keep me aligned and accountable in practical, measurable ways as I run my business and live my life.

Qualifications and Associations

Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
Fellow of the RSA

2021 Diploma in Professional Coaching Practice including certificates in career and wellness coaching (ICF ACTP)
Full Circle Global, Edinburgh

2019 PhD Pneumatology, Hermeneutics, and Modern History
London School of Theology (Middlesex)

2014 BA (Hons) Theology
London School of Theology (Middlesex)

2000 BA (Hons) History of Art and Design
Manchester Metropolitan University


Work with Hannah

Please feel free to contact me if you think you might like to work with me.

If your interest is private coaching, I offer complimentary one-to-one coaching conversations where we can get to know each other and talk about this more. This half-hour, no obligations conversation will help you to establish if I am the right person to work with.